Why Customize?

Customized Learning transforms industrial age, assembly line schooling into a system that fits the information age.

Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE) is committed to helping educators successfully embrace Customized Learning, or Personalized Learning (click here to learn about the difference).TIE can lead schools through the entire process of implementing Customized Learning, or it can assist with specific aspects.Check the menu of services at left.

Central to TIE's work in this field is a learner empowerment model, reaching individual needs based on what research tells us about student motivation and learning.This model puts powerful technologies to work in meeting the needs of every learner, any hour of the day.That stands in sharp contrast to traditional school models that mass-processed students based on their age -- where they encountered specific subjects on specific schedules, in specific ways, from specific teachers.

The reality today is that it's possible for anyone to learn anything, any time, anywhere, in any way from experts world wide.Young people know that, of course, and expect to customize their learning in ways that parallel what Apple does for music lovers, what Amazon does for consumers, and what Google does for everyone in organizing information.

In this new era Customized Learning:

  • Meets every learner at his/her learning level
  • Provides learning opportunities synchronized with the individual's most effective learning style
  • Allows learners to study and learn using relevant content