Nov 9, 2017 SR Team



October 27, 2017

Elementary Math Followup

ELA Overview

ELA Progression Work


September 29, 2017


Curriculum Redesign

Sample Math Report

Flexible Curriculum


September 11, 2017

Statement of Goals

To review assessment literacy in the context of creating customized learning environment while utilizing best practices to support mastery



Weston #7 Grading and Assessment- where are we now?

Marking and Grading Practices  - Weston CL Folder

  1. Grading for Behavior Issues
  2. Incorporating Teacher Expectations and Judgments into Grades
  3. Using Zeroes as a Punishment
  4. Using a Point System and Averages
  5. Grading Homework and other Formative Assessments
  6. Grading on a Curve
  7. Allowing Extra Credit

"How did formative assessment inform your instruction or decisions this week?"


Working Lunch


What has TIE done for Customized Learning:


September 6, 2017


What are your perceptions of what Customized Learning means?


Five Levers Book

Levers discussion

(PDF Reader for PDF Version)


WBW Home


TIE Efforts with WBW

Curriculum Evolution and Flexible Curriculum

Grades/Assessment: Article

First look at Weight-bearing Wall process:

1) What could you do (different from current practice) if the WBW is no longer in the way?

2) Identify barriers that prevent you from doing this today.

3) What ways  could you reduce/eliminate barrier?


Work Plan Development