WebProductivity Unit 6 Activity 1

Google Forms

Teachers often need to do a quick quiz to determine if the students are progressing as expected; or, administrators/teachers need to do a survey of students/staff/parents to get a quick "pulse" of what people are thinking; or, teachers needs a convenient way to have students turn in electronic or web-based assignments. All these scenarios are productive scenarios for Google Forms. 

For beginners, Google Forms may seem slightly confusing at first, but once you get proficient at using it, Forms can be an enormous time saver. It is important to understand Google Forms, you must recognized there are 3 views or pages to working with Forms:

  1. Editor
  2. Viewer (Live Form)
  3. Results

Once you understand how these three views work and interact, Google Forms is very easy to use.

In Google Drive/Apps, click New-->More-->Google Forms:


This page is the Editor page of Google Forms:

Once you name the page, you can begin setting up your quiz or survey. If your students have accounts in Google Apps, I would recommend checking "Automatically collect respondent's username" (if students do not have accounts or you are surveying parents, leave this unchecked). 

Now you add questions or survey items. Note you can choose they typ of question. With questions of Multiple Choice or Checklist, you also add possible responses for the respondents to choose from. You can also create open-ended questions. To input more questions, click Add Item. 

The Three Views (Pages)

The Editor view is the main page for Google Forms. Note at the top of the page are buttons for the other two views or pages: View Live Form and View Responses:


View Live Form displays the page as your respondents will see. You can even take the survey for yourself while viewing the live form. 

There are two ways to get this survey in the hands of your respondents: 1) copy the URL at the top of the Live Form page and email or post that address to the recipients,  or 2) on the Editor view click the Send Form button and input their email addresses. 

The third view or page is View Responses. This is a spreadsheet that holds the responses of the survey takers. If you had check marked the "Automatically collect username" option, you will see each user on each row and all their responses. 

I recommend to new Google Form users to always start in the Editor page of your form--you can easily get to the other two views with the buttons at the top of the form.

Your Turn

Create a simple quiz or survey, sent the URL to some students or teachers and have them fill it out. Then go to the Responses page and view the results.