Web Productivity Unit 1 Activity 1


Once you log in to Onedrive, click the to create a PowerPoint Presentation.


Depending on the computer or device, you may need to click on Edit Presentation. If you have a recent version of Microsoft Office on your computer, you will be asked if you want to edit online or with the software on your computer:

For this class, always choose Edit in PowerPoint Online.

Once you are in edit mode, note the ribbon tool bar at the top, similar to the MS Office software.

There are multiple ways to create new slides, including under Home and Insert. Under Design you can choose your backdrop style and under Insert you can bring in pictures or clipart.

Create a simple 3 slide PowerPoint with some text and Pictures.

Transitions and Animations

Sharing Your PowerPoint

In unit 3 you will learn more about collaboration, but for now you need to know how to share a presentation as your assignment for this class. Click the Share button in the upper right hand corner or the File Menu -->Share:

Now click Get a Link and under View Only click Create Link.

Copy that URL and you can either email it to someone or post it somewhere for others to click.