Web Productivity Unit 0 Activity 2

While it is tempting to just focus on one product, it is important for educators to understand the broader capabilities of web-based productivity. Much of what Microsoft has done with OneDrive is a response to what Google implemented in Google Apps. Because of Dropbox, Google has had to respond by changing their product from Google Docs to Google Drive, and Microsoft has now emphasized file storage as well.

The web-based productivity tools now integrate with desktop software.
New versions of Microsoft Office now require online accounts even for registering the software. Office easily stores files on the local hard drive and the online OneDrive storage. Google Apps can convert MS Office files.

The days of upgrading software once every few years are gone--because these products are online, they now upgrade their capabilities on a regular ongoing basis. As these products compete and evolve, educators need awareness on how these services can be used in education. Schools are having to shift their thinking on what products they "adopt" for professional use and classroom use.

To be effective in their work, educators need a broad perspective about this segment of technology tools. Because these tools evolve quickly in capabilities, seeing a variety of tools makes it easier to see the next stages and the impact for the classroom.