Web Productivity

This class is still under development, but will be available soon.

Productivity is no longer just the act of using Office software on a computer to create isolated files. Rather, learning to use web-based tools like Google Apps, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox to create, store, and manage documents--this is a vital skill. Utilize the share features to collaborate with other educators and students in ways not possible even 5 years ago. Discover how these tools can be accessed from a wide variety of devices.

This class requires collaboration on some documents. It is recommended you enroll in this class with a partner or find cohorts willing to assist you when working on assignments from this class that involve collaboration.
If you don't have friends , you can also collaborate with "yourself" between your own accounts, but that requires you have two accounts with each service (e.g. a work account and a personal account).

This class requires modern browsers to utilize full features of these web-based services, so having the latest versions of browsers is important. Also, some services work better with one browser than another, e.g. certain features in Google works best on Chrome, while certain features in Microsoft works best on Internet Explorer (IE). For parts of this class you will need at least two different browsers for the assignments. If your school computer does not allow multiple browsers, you will need to access a personal computer that can. If your computer has old versions of a browser, you also need to access another computer with modern browser.

This class requires access to a mobile device like a Chromebook, tablet (iPad, Android), or a smartphone. While most of the class will be fine on a computer, there will be some assignments on mobile devices.

Unit 0 - The Set Up

Unit 1 - Presentation Tools, Quick and Easy

Unit 2 - Word Processor and Spreadsheet for You or the World

Unit 3 - Collaboration and Sharing

Unit 4 - Moving and Storing Files Seamlessly (Almost)

Unit 5 - Comparing Devices and Browsers

Unit 6 - Forms and Surveys

Unit 7 - Special Features to Make Life Easier