Nine Month School Year vs Anytime School Year


Summer Matters Reports 2016

This site provides eight pages of various reports to support extending the nine month school year through after school, summer and extended projects. Some report titles include, but are not limited to,CSBA Guide: Summer Learning Matters,  Every Hour Counts Report, Summer Matters - How Summer Learning Strengthens Student Success, After 3 P.M.: Special Report on Summer, and more. 

High Achievement Program 2014

A year-round, multi-year program model, determined Highly Effective Without Reservations according to the US Department of Education's What Works Clearinghouse is comprised of 650 annual hours of standards-aligned academic enrichment and serves high-need middle school students. In the six-week Summer Academy, experienced teachers deliver small classroom instruction for 40 hours per week in math, science, social studies, and literature. Students experience a daily elective class, weekly field trips, and an overnight college trip. AfterSchool Academy operates for 25 weeks, and students receive homework help, dinner, an elective, and intensive tutor in math, literature, and seminars. Students attend the program three days per week unti l8:00 p.m., and partner with a well-trained volunteer tutor each night.


Is Summer School the Key to Reform? 2010

But by re-envisioning this maligned institution, those same districts could make summer school an investment in improved student achievement later on—a way to extend learning, provide effective intervention, and offer enrichment opportunities, particularly for those students who have few other good options during those months out of school. Imagine, for example, a summer school program that would provide accelerated and engaging instruction in the morning, fresh local food for breakfast and lunch, and afternoon enrichment activities in which students could choose to canoe down the Mississippi River, create their own video games, or display self-made projects in local museums.

A Brighter Vision for Summer School 2010

The National Summer Learning Association works with thousands of districts to move away from the association of summer school with not doing well academically, and toward a new vision of summer school that promotes comprehensive learning programs blending academic lessons and enrichment activities.

Summer Learning Moving from the Periphery to the Core 2009

Transcending the punitive and remedial model of summer school, summer learning's new form is an artful blend of core academic learning, hands-on activities, 21st Century skills, arts, sports and meaningful relationships.


Alternatives to the School Year Calendar, Shaun P. Johnson and Terry E. Spradlin Education Policy Brief VOLUME 5, NUMBER 3, SPRING 2007