Grade Levels and Seat Time vs Mastery and Competency


"Transitioning away from seat time, in favor of a structure that creates flexibility, allows students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of academic content, regardless of time, place, or pace of learning." Article includes details about and links to state, district and alternate/credit recovery schools and programs. 

Example of a competency based program that replaces seat time with skills as the main standard whether students are promoted. "Students are measured by what they’ve learned, not the amount of time they’ve spent in the classroom."

Provides a definition of competency in practice along with a continuum for competency education. "Widespread implementation has generated significant policy momentum, elevating conversations about mastery of competencies, elimination of seat-time, and student pacing. " Page 6 and 7 are useful. 

Expanding school time will help schools achieve success. "In response, many states, districts, and individual schools throughout the country are tapping the resource of time to help meet this vital national commitment." The report includes recommendations and policy information.

"Some schools serving large concentrations of low-income and minority students have dramatically improved student achievement by increasing instructional time." The article includes links to statistics and additional resources.

"More time is not in and of itself a silver bullet. The successful schools profiled here accompany extended learning time by other inter-related practices, including a school culture focused on preparing students for life after high school; a high expectations/high level academic core; and extra support to keep students on track with college-preparatory requirements." Article provides best practices, enhancements and examples.

School profiles on the mastery design approach. "The artifacts and experiences included here are meant to offer school designers some possibilities for implementation." Contents include technology, grading, seat time, structures and scheduling.