Video Interviews

These interviews with teachers, learners, administrators, and parents are intended to help educators better understand positive aspects of customized learning as well as the struggles for implementation. Note each page is broken into the questions and video-segment-answers to the questions. Click a tag to quickly navigate to the segment of interest.

Interviews 2017

Kate & Audrey - Students

Tags: Having a Choice, I Can do This!, Working with All Learners, Group Meetings and Parent/Teacher Conferences, Emails and Technology, Role of the Facilitator and Guiding, Like a Big Community, Give me 5

Kacee & Meghan - Teachers

Tags: Learners Explaining in Their Own WordsGroupingFlipped Lessons, Videos, & ConferencingStandards, Rubrics, and AssessmentsLearner Freedom with Guidance, CommunicatingOne Day at a TimeProgression of Learning, Collaboration and Community of TeachersA Self-Directed LearnerGrowth and ApplyingMake Sure Kids Really Get It!Focused on Depth and PaceGetting them MotivatedDeep ConversationsEncouragingSense of Community and RespectStudy Growth Mindset and Share with the Learners

Sunny - Teacher

Tags: Trying to Bring it all TogetherGradingCustomized Learning and StudentsDepth of CurriculumPacing and Learning TargetsWeight Bearing WallsLearner MotivationDeadlines and Different PacesGrading and MasteryMeeting Learners at their LevelTeaching in Customized Learning and Its BenefitsWe can all ContributeChanging your MindsetParents and Communicating

Gary - Teacher

Tags: Offering ChoicesStandardsStudent ChoicesFocus on all your StudentsELA in Customized LearningLearner RelationshipsGrading System and GrowthTeaching StyleLearner MasteryIncorporating Every Subject AreaDon't try and to do too much

Cindy - Teacher 2017

Tags: Putting it into PracticeSupport SystemWhat is Customized LearningCustomized Learning & TeachingLeadersSchoologyAccessing More InformationNew Programs & TechniquesBetter UnderstandingShowing MasteryIndividualsCommunication & Support 

Dusty - Teacher 2017

Tags: Students PaceBiggest MisconceptionsSupport SystemEfficient and EffectiveHidden GemChange in Thinking, SchoologyCommunication with ParentsMore AccessEffectively EngagingBig PictureBest for Students 

Kali - Teacher 2017

Tags: Driving Own InstructionMeeting all LearnersCollaborationFilling the GapsDay by DayMeeting Them at Their LevelChange of SceneryGroup ThemselvesChecking InReady to Move onSeeing SuccessFlexible SeatingDigging Deeper

Tyler - Teacher

Tags: FacilitatorTechnologyBreaking down the WallsStage ManagerLearning TargetsStarting HereGrowth Mindset and Extra MotivationCelebration of LearningFlexibility,

Mary Jo - Teacher

Tags: Choice Boards, Grouping and Direct Instruction, Students in Customized Learning, Labs in Customized Learning, Teachers Role in Customized Learning,  Always More, Levels of Learning, Grouping Them Accordingly, Pre-Testing, Observing, and Questioning, Meeting all Students’ Needs and Pacing, Rubrics and Mastery, One Size Doesn’t Fit all

Krista - Teacher

Tags: Support and Knowing the LearnersConversations and Advocating for ThemselvesBased on Their LearningI’m Here for YouNatural PacingChoices and Control of Their LearningBehaviors and DeadlinesReaches Everyone! 

Shana - Teacher

Tags: ReassuranceMath and MasteryLearning ContinuumStandards Based and Where the Learner is atReading and Daily 5, Habits of Mind and Community of LearnersIn Charge of Their Learning and OwnershipWhat They Exactly NeedBalance and Support

Scott - Teacher

Tags: Starting Point, Teaching Style and Process as a Group, Science in Customized Learning, Working Harder,Students and Relationships, Community and Parent Support, Scheduling in Customized Learning, Daily Grouping

Sarah - Teacher

Tags: New Option Available, Learning Should Be At, Choices, Progression, & Rubrics, Collaboration and Grouping, Boost of Confidence, My Job is Evolving, More Personalized, Grouping, Confidence in the Learners  

Interviews 2016

Jeremiah - Teacher 2016

Tags: Customizing chemistry & biology, challenging learners, barriers, parents, changing role of teacher, assessment, mastery, teacher as learner

Jenny - Teacher 2016 

Tags: Math & English, barriers, schedule, blur grade levels, direct instruction, assessment, flexible grouping, student struggles, pace, voice & choice, learner interest

Dagney - Student 2016

Tags: schedule, spoonfed, choice, feedback, relationships with teachers, learner effort, learner interests, parents, customized structures, struggles, advice, collaboration/isolation, preparing for the future

Parker - Student 2016

Tags: individualized, isolation, flexible grouping, direct instruction, feedback, relationship with teacher, falling behind, teacher pace, discussions/collaboration, future, self-discipline, depth, parents, advice, technology, struggle

David - Teacher 2016

Tags: Customizing social science, transcribing to traditional courses, learner choice, relevance, mastery & assessment, grading/incentives/motivation, pacing, direct instruction, Webb Levels, learner discussions and collaboration, student struggles, changing role of teachers, advice, barriers

Kaye - Teacher 2016

Tags: Customizing English/Language Arts, struggles, teacher pace, CL for top students only?, mastery, collaboration, dealing with multiple paces, teacher role, student interest, technical writing, barriers, assessment, technology, why customize

Grace - Student 2016

Tags: freedom, pacing, student voicegrading, teacher relationship, parents, student effort, all students, teacher role, teacher as learner, isolation/collaboration

Kelly - Teacher 2016

Tags: process for starting CL, student struggles, teacher don’t teach?, facilitator skills, compare to traditional, designing curriculum, determine mastery, collaboration, approach to teaching, student interest, go back traditional  

Rosemary - Teacher 2016

Tags: Social science, managing student pace, assessment, relevance, learner interest, changing role of teacher, relationshipslearner perseverance, motivation

Jenna - Student 2016

Tags: schedule, student choice, feedback on work, relationship with teachers, self-motivation, collaboration, pursue depth in schoolwork, advice to teachers, competition, parents, role of teacher, excitement, technology, future, go back traditional  

Jorgen - Student 2016

Tags: adjustment, student choice, relationship with teachers, collaboration, responsibility with time, feedback, CL for all students?, learn it right?, parents, advice, teachers still teaching, go back traditional?