Unit 4: Learner Agency Actions (How I Structure, Participate and Monitor My Learning)

   The actions of Learner Agency cover the areas of goal setting and planning, engagement, follow-through and reflection.  Final support stages in that full circle of taking responsibility for actions and learning are shown in this area. Here is where our learners have a chance to consider what types of goals they will set for themselves.

    There are several programs to support this effort and our school culture will shine through in this area.  These goals offer the learners the planning tool they will need to be sure they are held accountable for each step of the process.  When we see the learners creating their own learning opportunities, we will also find engagement. Since they have chosen this learning target, at this time and in this certain way, our learners will demonstrate a stronger sense of engagement.  After all, they are the only ones responsible for the experience. What is the reflection process like for our learners as they move through their learning continuum? Are they relating their learning back to the world around them? This unit will cover how learners structure, participate and monitor their own learning.   

Unit Outcomes:

  • Investigate goal setting ideas for implementing in your learning environment or school-wide.

  • Explore gratitude and implementation ideas for the learning environment.

  • Experience several reflection techniques to consider best fit for your own environment.

Read, View and Review:

  • Read Chapter 6 from Teaching Kids to Thrive.

  • Read this article on 5 aides to help learners set goals.  

  • Review this article on building student engagement.

  • Consider these ideas on formative assessments.

  • Read about SMART goal setting with your learners.  


  • Watch this video on a progressive model of school and pull any ideas you might be able to implement in your learning environment or with admin support.  

  • Here is an example of an activity to lead for yourself and your learners on turning mistakes in opportunity.  

  • Watch and read this reference.  You will reflect on this in your assignments.  There is an area in that article that jumps out to this activity list.  


  1. Share one of the activities you did from the activities section in a reflection of 2-3 paragraphs with your facilitator.  Be sure to label your assignment with Unit 4: Assignment 1 and your name.    

  2. Using your understanding of Action in Learner Agency, and the need for fostering the environment for our learners to embrace this everyday, choose 3 activities from the things you have read or find new ones to add to your 10 day curriculum that you plan on implementing in your learning environment.  Remember these activities should focus on goal setting and planning, engagement, follow-through and reflection.