Unit 1: Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

A growth mindset is the understanding that we can develop our abilities and intelligence.  Research has shown that our implicit beliefs about the nature of intelligence can have a great impact on our achievement.  In this TED Talk, Carol Dweck, who first coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset,” explains how a growth mindset leads to a focus on learning, increased effort and a willingness to learn from mistakes.  

This unit focuses on understanding growth vs fixed mindset, self efficacy and learner agency.  The research behind fixed vs growth mindset will build the foundation as we move on to understand the need for self efficacy in a customized learning environment.  When a learner is aware of these foundations, she/he can then move into understanding and reflecting on their own learner agency as it relates to each topic throughout their lives.  For example, I may feel like I can succeed when attempting to ice skate but may not feel the same when thinking about algebra.


Unit Outcomes:

  • Develop the foundation of understanding of growth mindset.

  • Evaluate your own growth mindset and reflect on opportunities for growth.

  • Begin building the 10-day curriculum to establish growth mindset for learners agency.

Read, Watch and Review:


  • Take a personal assessment on where you are at with your own growth mindset. On the bottom of the page there is an additional tab where you can view the results. Take a moment to reflect on those findings.  

  • Explore teachingkidstothrive.com.  You will find under chapter resources that there is a link for additional activities that are not in the book along with additional resources.  Find the ones associated with Chapter 3: Growth Mindset.

  • Watch this video on Learning like a Tiger.  How will you approach life and learning?  What parts of your life do you have a fixed mindset on right now and how can you challenge yourself to practice saying "not yet."?


  1. There are 6 discussion questions listed in the reading on page 16 of this document.  Choose one of the 6 and respond in a 2-3 paragraph reflection.  Email your response to the class instructor and be sure to label you work LAgency Unit 1 Assignment 1 and include your name.

  2. Using your understanding of Growth Mindset and the need for fostering the environment for our learners to embrace this everyday, choose 3 activities from the things you have read or find new ones to add to your 10 day curriculum that you plan on implementing in your learning environment.  Share this document with your instructor and label it with LAgency 10 Day Curriculum. Since you will continue to add to this document in each unit, there is no need to identify the Unit.  Your instructor will be looking for 3-4 activities to support each section of this class to build out your 10 day curriculum of activities for introducing to your students.  This first unit will include a few activities centered around introducing and understanding Growth Mindset with learners.