My Organization is Ready For...

Awareness Building

TIE offers keynotes and one-day readiness sessions for district, regional, state, or national groups. Contact your state DOE or regional organization to see if TIE is already scheduled to be in your area.


Districts may contract all components from TIE, or, if you already have processes/professional development in place, you may contract the pieces separately.

  1. Professional Learning: Blended Learning a TIE learning specialist will conduct face-to-face workshops and facilitated sessions that work in conjunction with the self-paced classes (discussed below) to model a personalized learning experience for educators. This is a critical component to move educators towards a customized learning environment for their students.
  2. Professional Learning: Self-paced Courses   online self-paced classes are accessible to your staff by joining TIE Membership (click here to learn more). These classes are a great supplement to the blended learning experience above.
  3. Structural Rebuild a TIE Learning specialist will facilitate a district/building leadership team with face-to-face and online meetings to help develop district plans that address barriers impeding customized learning.
  4. Curriculum Redesign - Either working within your district or working with regional, state, or national groups, a TIE Learning Specialist will facilitate curriculum work for classroom shifts  and rethinking the role that standards play in education.

Readiness for implementation

We recommend districts gather evidence of readiness and willingness to commit resources/time to the implementation stage:

  • Books study of inevitable: Mass Customized Learning with all instructional staff

  • Conduct TIE’s Customized Learning Perception Survey with all teachers and parents

  • Establish a brief vision/plan of how customized learning will be implemented within their district (school-within-school? building? whole district?)

  • Identify a list of teachers who are implementers of Customized Learning

  • Dedicate three to four days of face-to-face professional learning days and implementers commitment to completing agreed upon online courses per year

  • Commit two days of face-to-face and two half-days webinar-based planning by a structural rebuild team

  • Schedule teacher/administrator implementers to attend a regional/statewide cohort curriculum redesign event in the summer

  • Prepared to pay some substitute costs and summer teacher pay for curriculum work

If you have questions about specifics within the Customized Learning Series, contact Lennie Symes. If you want to know more about contracting with TIE, contact Dr. Julie Mathiesen, Director of TIE.