Organizing Web Content: Symbaloo and Diigo - Unit 4 Activity 2

RSS Feeds

There are two ways to think of RSS feeds for use with Symbaloo:
1) many websites have RSS feeds as an efficient way to keep track of new content--rather than having to wade through the entire website, you can instead get a concise list of new content, and 2) RSS feeds can update links within Symbaloo without your needing to change the links within tiles. Below we will set up examples of both uses.

In Symbaloo, create a new webmix but be sure to have the option "RSS Feeds" checkmarked. On this page create a new tile and use this URL:

Note that instead of a single tile, you get an RSS feed for that site:

Now add another feed:


Most news-oriented sites and blogs offer some kind of RSS feed option. When visiting a website, you can search for "RSS" on their home page.

For example, if you visit, type Ctrl-F or command-F for Macintosh and type RSS

  • sometimes websites refer to XML
  • or use this symbol:

On the THEJournal site, click on that RSS link and it will display several RSS feeds, including
Copy this URL and add this to your RSS webmix as a new tile.

[There appears to be an idiosyncrasy with Internet Explore and RSS webmixes--if it doesn't behave as expected, try a different browser]

Add Your Diigo Tag List as a RSS
You can add your Diigo lists to Symbaloo. If you use the same URLs you have been turning in as Diigo assignments for this class, e.g.
you can use that as an RSS tile within Symbaloo.

Used correctly, this can be an enormous timesaver. For example, let's say you teach an art class and continually find new images you wish to share with your class. Set up an RSS Symbaloo webmix using your Diigo URL with the tag "artclass"--as you add new items to your Diigo with that tag, it will continually update in the Symbaloo RSS feed. You don't have to post new links within Symbaloo to each new image by hand anymore--just save them in Diigo and they will automatically post and update in the Symbaloo RSS feed.

Your Turn:
Find RSS feeds from your favorite news sites or blogs and add them to your RSS webmix. Also, add a RSS feed for a Diigo tag.