Organizing the Web: Symbaloo and Diigo Unit 3 Activity 2

This unit we will examine how to use Symbaloo for creating a web starter page for students in your classroom or for colleagues. These starter pages can be static webmixes where changes are rarely made or dynamic webmixes where the content changes every day.

If you are doing an activity involving websites with your class or colleagues, posting those sites on Symbaloo is a fast/efficient way to point everyone to those sites. Whether you have one single class webmix, multiple webmixes for each class you teach, webmixes for separate content areas you teach, webmixes for each unit you teach, or webmixes for your grade level or department, Symbaloo can be an excellent way to post information for everyone.

For example, if you are doing a unit on the Civil War and you want students to find information on the web. Rather than have them look at the entire web, you can have a small number of specific quality websites on which you want the students to find their information: the Library of Congress, the South Dakota Historical Society, etc. You can create a Symbaloo webmix quickly to point your students to those higher quality sites.

Your Turn:
Create a classroom-based webmix with websites you would direct students to. Alternatively, create a webmix for a group of colleagues with sites they all could use for their work.

Webmix Size

If you are working with a webmix that has only a few links, under the webmix options you can choose to change the size of the webmix matrix. For your class webmix, it may be more visually appealing to reduce the size of the grid for the links for the class.