Organizing Web Content: Symbaloo and Diigo - Unit 1 Activity 4

Symbaloo provides a graphical way to save and post your most used or favorite websites, either for yourself or others. You create individual links or tiles for each website, and you can group your tiles into pages or webmixes.

Try this live example Symbaloo below or open it with this link: Example Symbaloo:

For the purposes of this class, you will be primarily making two pages or webmixes: one for yourself to use professionally, another for use with students in your classroom (if you are not in a classroom setting, you can create a webmix with people you work with).

This unit, let's start with your professional webmix:



Once you've created a webmix, you now need to add some tiles (links) to the page. To get you started, here are four sites to add to your professional page:

  1. This online class home page:
  2. Symbaloo's Certification videos page:
  3. Your Diigo user page:
  4. eSchoolNews home page:

Now it's your turn to come up with some web resources--add at least five more websites that you may use on a regular basis to this page. Examples:

  • your school district web site
  • your personal wiki, Sharepoint, or web page
  • links to another educator wiki, Sharepoint, or web pages
  • the link to access your email via the web
  • your Google Drive account
  • your Skydrive account
  • your Dropbox account
  • the link to your public library
  • any professional organizations you belong to
  • news websites
  • depending on the time of year, links to the education committees for your state legislature
  • your favorite educational blogs

Sharing Your Webmix

Once you have a webmix page with at least ten tiles, you are ready to share with the rest of the class. Click on the share button

Choose Privately, copy the URL, and click Share my Webmix:

That's it--you are ready to share your webmix with others!