Organizing Web Content: Symbaloo and Diigo - Unit 1 Activity 3

Finding information we have saved to Diigo is a fairly simple process. Go to your Diigo and click on My Libary. Note the URL (web address area) of your browser:

As you look on the page you will find a list of web resources you have saved. As the list grows, the harder it is to find items. Note the search box--put one of the tags from your resources in the search box.


Notice the order of the articles/resources are chronological, most recent at the top.
Now search for other tags of your Diigo bookmarks.

Sharing your resources on a particular topic is quite easy. You can send anyone the URL for your particular tag (my userID in the example is LSINRC):

Note the syntax:


Your Turn:

You can also search other people's tags. For example, try searching
Note the tags on the left to help find particular tags: click View Tag Cloud to see more.