Organizing Web Content: Symbaloo and Diigo Unit 1 Activity 1

Symbaloo and Diigo are web-based tools that provide services which complement each other well. Diigo is a social-bookmarking service--a place to store and share bookmarks to websites, web tools, and articles--and has since added the ability to highlight important passages and take notes on web pages. Symbaloo provides a place to bookmark websites, web tools, and articles in a graphical format for yourself or others. Individually, each service is a powerful tool, but used together these become powerful tools for teachers to organize their resources and present them for others.


Getting a Symbaloo EDU Account

Symbaloo has two branches of services: one geared for the general public, and one for educators. For this class, we will avoid the public service


and focus on the educator side: one site for signing up and accessing educator resources
and one site for hosting your personal pages of links (called webmixes)

Go to the first link above and create an account in Symbaloo EDU

Getting a Diigo Account

Diigo also has a service for the general public and also accounts geared for educators
Create an regular Diigo account and then apply for transforming that account into an educator account.

Now install Diigo on your browser(s). If you have Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome, Diigo has an extension for your browser:

If you have other browsers or cannot install extensions on your browser, use the Diigo Bookmarklet: