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Organizing Web Content: Symbaloo and Diigo

Welcome to Organizing Web Content: Symbaloo and Diigo. [Register Here if you have not done so already.] The current facilitator is Bailey Kowalski, For any additional questions, please contact Graduate Credit Coordinator, Kim Coronado at

Many educators dabble with web organizing tools, but often do not dig deep enough to fully utilize the tools to help them save time and effort. This course helps you as an educator organize your web content via two complementary tools: Symbaloo and Diigo.

Learn how to:

  1. Use Diigo to save and organize your content

  2. Use Symbaloo to bookmark your content for your own personal/professional use as well as share your resources and organize pages for your students and colleagues

Once you use these tools you'll never know how you lived without them!

Participants will need internet access via a computer with two internet browsers (or the ability to download a second browser). Some iPad instructions are included in this course.

To register for this class go to: Workshop Registration

  • Unit 1 Getting started with Symbaloo and Diigo

  • Unit 2 Organizing Web Resources

  • Unit 3 Time Saving Features

  • Unit 4 In the Classroom

  • Unit 5 Symbaloo Lesson Plans