What have been the greatest highlights and what have been the biggest struggles?

So when you look at the barriers, what is it that gets in the way right now?

What ways are you seeing Customized Learning affecting students in everyday life? Are there kids that this just doesn’t work well with?

Do you have some times where you can flexibly group kids and they can work at different paces?

What is your next goal in the design of a customized environment?

In social studies, the old perception that it’s learning about time periods when really it’s more about learning the concepts?

Can you give us examples of where you’ve seen kids kind of make a switch to a growth mindset?

Where do deadlines come into play in your environment and how is it flexible but yet not too flexible? Some people would think that by having flexible deadlines you’re not really preparing them for the real world, what would you say to them?

Tell me about teaching to mastery as opposed to teaching to percentages? What would you vote to be with mastery as opposed to the grading system?

Do you find that most kids really are able to take some responsibility and move forward?

Do you find that in a customized environment teachers work a lot harder? Why is it worth the extra effort?

In what ways do you see collaboration between teachers? Has there been more collaboration?

What is it about CL that you wanted to tell the world?

Do you think there is an awareness among parents in Bennett County of what’s happening? As a school you’ve really targeted communicating the components as opposed to the term?