What makes the CL implementation at the Harrisburg High School different than a traditional or an industrial age classroom?

So why is that difference important to you?

So as you think back to where you started, what would you identify as the starting point or the ramp-in for you in terms of CL?

What was the most challenging aspect of getting involved with the CL implementation?

How would you describe the general reaction or response of students to CL?

How has CL impacted your relationship with learners?

So what evidence would you offer that customized learning is impacting learners and learning positively?

So what advice would you offer teachers in schools considering CL?

As you think about this year and a half journey of implantation, what would you offer as an anecdote or an experience from the implementation that was particularly meaningful or impactful for you?

As you think about your experience, the example you just offered, what do you think the implications are for the continued journey of CL in terms of the future for you as a teacher and for your learners?

What would you want to tell us that you haven’t had a chance to tell us in terms of this interview? What would you share with us yet that you would want to share?