Day 1

Intro CL

Intro CustomizedU

Hands-on HOT

Stephanie Video and competency based

HOT 3: Rate questioning/highlight (HOT 3)

HOT: PPT & SBAC examples (HOT 4)

Article & Video: Reporting on student learning (Assessment 9)

Assessment: Self-assessment on grading (Assessment 2)

Article: 5 myths on mastery-based (Assessment 8)

Homework: incorporate student self assessment; teachers examine assessments and add webb level 3-4 questions; examine what they are assessing and grading: knowledge or behavior;


Day 2

Review of Homework

Mindsetsvideo (Mindsets 8)

Mindsets activity (Mindsets 2)

Mindsets article discussion (Mindset 6)

hands-on Brain draw on Google shared Drawing (Mindset 5) in small groups

Habits Summary article (Habit 1) : habit matching game (Habit 6 act 1)

Habits: prioritize focus on top 3

Flexible grouping VS Tracking (ALL kids change groups multiple times a year)

Flexible Grouping (inevitable too chap 2)

Homework: daily log of growth/fixed mindset statements/activities; focus on top Habits; implement flexible grouping in classroom



Day 3

Review of homework

Mindsets activity (Mindsets 9)

Homework: Mindsets 9

Day 4