Shared OverDrive Collection for South Dakota Schools

South Dakota TIE member schools and districts are invited to join a shared OverDrive collection.

OverDrive focuses on combining the technology you need with the content you want to create long-term, cost-effective solutions to meet students’ and educators’ unique reading and learning needs.

Joining a Shared Collection: Expanding access to digital resources by sharing

TIE South Dakota member schools have the opportunity to join a shared digital collection. Participation will provide schools access to a shared collection of digital titles far greater than any one individual school could purchase on their own, maximizing the benefits of these powerful reading and learning tools for students and educators. For example, if School A were to initiate a digital collection of their own, they may only be able to afford 50 titles. However, by joining a consortium of 20 schools, School A would then have access to a collection of 1,000 titles. The shared collection will continue to grow as consortium membership increases.

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Join the Shared Collection: Participation Form

(Pricing is on the participation form)

fill out the participation form for:

Email completed form to or return by fax to +1 216-573-6889.

Advantages of joining the TIE Shared Digital Collection for South Dakota Schools:

  • An unbeatable cost as low as $1 per student, with all funds going to content

  • The ability to add additional titles specifically for your school (separate from the shared collection with their digital book account)

  • Titles filtered by grade level to ensure the right titles are reaching the right students

  • OverDrive content specialists will help select the best titles based on group and school needs

How the TIE shared digital collection would work for participating South Dakota member schools

TIE South Dakota member schools will have the ability to join the shared collection for a single annual fee based on enrollment. The annual fee is applied 100% towards the selection of titles for the shared collection. Schools will have the ability to access any title within the shared collection. In addition to the annual fee, each school will have the option to budget for additional content to meet more local needs. TIE South Dakota Members can join the shared digital collection as a district or as an individual school.

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