Unit 4 Self-Directed Learning


  • Understand what the key features of collaborative learning are and how they differ from cooperative learning
  • Describe the five features that should be considered in any collaborative learning task
  • Learn ways to promote a Self-Directed Classroom Culture
  • Define independent learning 

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1. Classroom Culture In your online journal write down the type of classroom that is conducive to students becoming self-directed learners. In other words, how do we create a classroom that is less teacher-directed and more student-led? What does the classroom look like? sound like? 

2.Independent LearningWhat types of independent learning tasks are better done at school and which are better done outside school? List some appropriate homework activities that should be done outside of the class. Given the list of independent learning activities, try out at least two and explain how you used them in the classroom. 

Send your url link on your online journal entries to the class instructor  Unit 4 Assignment 1/2. Be sure and include your name.