Unit 2 Self-Directed Learning

Unit 2 Outcomes

  • Understand the instructional framework for Gradual Release of Responsibility
  • Consider how the Self-Directed Learning model and the Gradual Release of Responsibility model are similar and different
  • Define focused instruction and the use of modeling

Read & View

  • Read Ch 1, Better Learning Through Structured Teaching
  • Read Chapter 2, Better Learning Through Structured Teaching
  • View Doug Fisher, Focus (optional) 


  • Activity 1 -  Gradual Release of Responsibility Samples
  • Activity 2  -  Examples of Accountable Talk Moves


  1. Deeper Understanding - Gradual Release of Responsibility. Using what you have learned from the video and the readings, define Gradual Release of Responsibility. How is it similar/different than Self-Directed Learning? Provide an example of what the teacher is doing and what the student is doing during each phase. 
  2.  Deeper Understanding -  Focused Instruction. Ch. 2 discusses focused instruction. Define focused instruction. Describe modeling as it relates to the gradual release of responsibility instructional framework. Complete this assignment and assignment one.  Email your assignments to the class instructor with the subject Self-Directed Unit 2 Assignment 1/2. Be sure to include your name.
  3. Classroom Application- How can you use the talk moves as a means of formative assessment? In your online journal, describe how accountable talk can be used for formative assessment in focused instruction. Model accountable talk with a group of students or your classroom and journal your results.   Email you online journal to the instructor with the subject Self-Directed Unit 2 Assignment 3. Be sure to include your name. 

Unit 2 Activity 3

1. Ch. 2, p8 discusses accountable talk. Use this document, Accountable Talk Moves,  to support student interaction and collaboration of ideas.

2. Ch. 3 discusses questions, prompts and cues. Use the questions of pp3 and 4 of this document, Webb levels, to help you ask higher level questions and push for explanations.