Tell us how you started into this Customized Learning Journey?

What were some of the barriers that you were running into in the traditional classroom that you see less of in this environment? How would you describe the way you have this set up?

What things have you put into place that would help prevent that? What are some of the things you are doing to try to ensure depth, not just speed?

What was the hard work in the beginning? What was it that takes a lot of time getting this set up for the first time? Tell me more about collaboration with other teachers?

How do you get students to transition to be more independent and more responsible for their learning?

Do you find that when you work with students your role is changing in this environment compared to what it used to be?

What do you see is your next stage or ste?

How do you determine where the kids are at? What tools help you with this?

With all this work, what makes it worth it?