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When you look at a customized environment like this, what do you find most exciting or what really triggers your motivation?

In your experience, have there been times when you’ve had to just slow down and you needed to struggle a little bit to work through it?

When you talked about the teachers helping you, do you see a difference in how you work with teachers or how you perceive teachers?

When you look at students who have really flourished in this environment comment we also hear sometimes that students who don’t do so well in this environment. Do you see that at all?

What happens if you do get behind?

Tell me about your parents. Do they understand this environment that is different than the way they learned? What do they think about this?

How do you get feedback that you are doing okay? What does it look like?

Are there times where you can bring your interests into what you do in your work or is it pretty teacher directed?

Do you find that as you work through the materials there are moments when you feel this isn’t working for you? Do you have the flexibility to just drop that and go do other things?

Tell me a little bit about scheduling.

So that flexibility, is it more teacher directed or is it something that you can decide how much time you spend in each class?

If you were superintendent of the schools, what would you do to make customization more effective? How would you change it to make it even go farther?

For teachers who are thinking about getting into customized learning, what would you say is the reason they should go down this road?

From your standpoint, when people say why do you even need teachers if the students are teaching themselves, what is the role of the teacher?