Schedules and Agendas

Rosholt Work Folder

Save The Date: 2019 National MCL Summit July 16-18 Rapid City

Feb 15, 2019

Agenda and Resources

Curriculum Redesign Information

Two “Grades” document with examples and insipration

(If you are interested in learning more about Competency Based Learning…HERE)

Three Levels of Curriculum

  1. Standards Evolution Matrix

    1. Guidelines for Standard Evolution Development

  2. Rubrics/Proficiency Scales (Grading)

  3. Flexible Curriculum

Resources for Flexible Curriculum

  1. ELA FlexCurr

  2. Math FlexCurr

  3. Science FlexCurr

  4. Social Studies FlexCurr

  5. CTE/Music/Arts

Grades - Hanover Document Page 4.

Mastery is....   My students are literate in my subject when they........

Rick Wormeli - Defining Mastery

What are teachers in the Field saying about Mastery and Assessment?

PDF - Read pages 10-12

DO: Share your Reflection Statement (Blue Area)

PDF - Read pages 13-17

DO: Share your Reflection Statement (Green Area)

January 3, 2019


  • Check in, revisit goals from work folder

  • Sample of Work Plan

October 25, 2018


FYI: The C2D2 Framework has been released to the public!! Check it out HERE!

How to create a hyperlink document HERE

August 16, 2018



May 7, 2018



October 20, 2017

8:00-11:30 - Authentic Project Based Learning


What does authentic learning look like?

 Authentic Learning topics:

  • Project Based Learning

  • Objective Development – Student Project Development


What does authentic learning look like? Chalk Talk - small group, whole group

Authentic Learning Topics - Project Based Learning

Explore the following Project Based Learning project resources. Select one that interests you and use the Essential Project Design Checklist to evaluate the project. Be prepared to share with your table.

Planning the Hook

Do: Fill out Hook in the PBL Team Planning Sheet

Next Steps: Planning Document Initiation (calendar/project design guide)

Step by Step Guide to the Best Projects

What If........ students developed their own projects based on objectives you set before them?

Project Based Learning books in TIE Reads!

Atlanta school using authentic PBL revolving around personal and community interests and issues



Structural Rebuild Team

  • Refinement of Goals

  • Define activities that will lead to successfully meeting the goals

Rosholt Work Folder

September 28, 2017 - 12:30-3:30

Structural Rebuild Team Meeting

What are your perceptions of what Customized Learning means?

Do More of This and Less of This - Reading and Discussion

Connect to the Weight Bearing Walls

WBW Home

TIE Efforts with WBW

Curriculum Evolution and Flexible Curriculum

Student Report Standards Evolution

Grades/Assessment: Article

First look at Weight-bearing Wall process:

1) What could you do (different from current practice) if the WBW is no longer in the way?

2) Identify barriers that prevent you from doing this today.

3) What ways  could you reduce/eliminate barrier?


Work Plan Development


September 29, 2017

Growth Mindset and Learner Agency-Its Role in Rosholt's Strategic Plan

Learner Agency

Rosholt Strategic Planning


If you were to make one statement about your vision for the students and this district, what would that statement for Rosholt students be in each of the following areas?

Strategic Learning Spheres

  • Personal

  • Learning

  • Civic

  • Relationship

  • Global

  • Cultural

  • Economic

Mission and Vision Reading - Group discussion

  • One School Districts Strategic Plan - Lindsay Unified School District - California

And the strategic design work begins

  • Identify your strategic design team.

  • Review any previous vision and mission statements for relevancy.

  • Devise a plan to revise or create new vision and mission statements.

  • Use probing questions to develop meaningful vision and mission statements.

  • Use data to identify areas that need improvement or focus and establish SMART goals.

  • Create your draft strategic plan to share with the staff for feedback.

  • Finalize your strategic plan with action steps to make this an actionable tool.



February 23, 2017

Link to shared folder

Look at Parent Data

Levers discussion

  • How can we make sure our work goes beyond tweaking a structure and impacts instruction and student learning?

First look at Weight-bearing Wall barrier process

1) What could you do (different from current practice) if the barrier is no longer in the way?
2) Identify barriers that prevent you from doing this today.
3) What ways  could you reduce/eliminate barrier?

First for 9-Month School Year

Now choose two more from the WBW Home page and do the process twice. (May be in groups or one group, depending on planning team size.)

Workplan (Using Workplan tab of the planning document.)

  • Develop Outcome Statements and Activities

  • Apply timelines and who's responsible

  • Data for monitoring and evaluating

  • Quality control


Face to Face

February 10, 2017

Learner Agency

Learner Agency Handout


Mindset Quiz


Mindsets and Equitable Education


In what areas do you think we have a fixed mindset? or growth mindset?

Carol Dweck - Praise and its Affect on Student Growth

Mindset Resources for the classroom

How Can Students Learn from Failure?

The Gift of Failure

Constructive Feedback and Re-Do's

Stories of Famous Failures

Famous Failures


Other Resources for Implementing Mindset in the Classroom


Growth Mindset Feedback Tool


Mindset Coach

PDF Reader for Mindset Coach

Sherry's Pinterest Board