Welcome to Reflect

This is a four-unit module about students using self-reflection learn more deeply. [Register Here]

The course focuses on the importance for reflection to move towards mastery. Self-reflection in critical in moving to deeper understanding.


For this module, you will need the following books:

  • Teaching Students to Self-Assess: How do I help students reflect and grow as learners? by Starr Sackstein. If you are an Amazon user, you will find it here.
  • Learn Like a Pirate: Empower Your Students to Collaborate, Lead, and Succeed by Paul Solarz. (This book is also used in the Student Collaborative Leadership course.) If you are an Amazon user, you will find it here.

You will find all the assignments on the pages listed below for each unit. Any questions, please contact Sherry Crofut at scrofut@tiegapps.net.

Unit Outcomes

Participants will:


Unit Topics

Unit 1 - Goal Setting

Unit 2 - Teaching Students to Reflect for Mastery

Unit 3 - Blogging and Vlogging

Unit 4 - E-portfolios



Module Scoring Guide: