TIE's Customized Learning Series weaves several smaller professional learning modules into a larger personalized learning experience. CL Professional Learning is best experienced as a blended learning experience: a mix of face-to-face sessions and self-paced online classes. The online series has three groups of three: each series houses three one-credit online classes of complimentary topics for educators to develop skills for implementing customized learning.

While educators can participate in the Customized Learning Series as stand-lone classes, we recommend the blended-learning combination of self-paced online courses, face-to-face sessions, and facilitated collaboration to give teachers a more complete customized learning experience.

Face-to-Face: While the self-paced online classes are a great way for teachers to gain skills,  some areas of customized learning are better served through discussion/dialog, hands-on guided practice, and reflection. The face-to-face component focuses on important topics for teachers to truly incorporate and manage customized learning, including:  

  • higher order thinking and complex reasoning
  • grouping/regrouping students
  • assessment
  • technology immersion
  • mindsets
  • facilitator/mentor role

Within each series,  three-credits worth of the content is delivered as independent self-paced, mastery-based online classes included as a TIE Membership benefit.  The other two credits utilize face-to-face and facilitated blended learning experiences contracted separately with TIE. Finally, your teachers will create an instructional product or unit that incorporates all the components from their series.

Online: The self-paced customized learning classes are grouped into series.
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Series Virtuoso

Flipped Classroom, Student Engagement, and Project-Based Learning

Series Artiste

Online Learning, Student Motivation, and Blended Learning

Series Guru

Self-directed Learning, Digital Literacy, and Flexible Curriculum

Leader Series (Geared for Administrators)

Leaders, Leader Virtuoso, Leader Artiste, Leader Guru