Unit 3 - Where is Personalized Learning Happening? Why Personalized Learning?

Unit Outcomes

Participants will:

  • look at how other schools in other countries and in this country are progressing towards personalized learning.
  • understand more about the continuum of moving from traditional education to the goal of forming expert learners.
  • understand factors that motivate learners.

Read & View

  • Read Chapters Four and Five in your book (pg. 111 - 201)



  1. Go to Adams County School District 50 Instructional Model. Look at Figure 1 on page 4. Pull a unit you are currently teaching and tell me where you addressed (or didn't address) each of these questions when you designed the unit. If you didn't address an item, how do you think you will in the future? Send the unit and your analysis to the class instructor with the subject Personalized Unit 3 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name. 
  2.  Read through the "8 Universal Factors that Motivate Learners" (pg 193 - 194) and ask your students what motivates them to learn. Did this cause you any ahas? What does this mean for your classroom? Look through the list, Preparing for the Future, on pate 173. Where are we preparing our learners for these in our schools? Give examples or reasons we may not be doing this. Write 3-4 paragraphs covering these questions and email your reflection to the class instructor with the subject Personalized Unit 3 Assignment 2. Be sure to include your name.

Please use the following rubric for the above assignments: