How do you see teachers being helpful to you in a customized environment where you get to do more individualized kind of work? Do you find where you get to do a little bit more individual pacing?

Do you find that in a customized environment that you find you work more with other students or do you feel isolated?

How do they do that with flexible grouping where there are times when you are with some students but then other times one of you may move ahead?

Do you find there are still times when teachers do still do direct instruction?

How do teachers let you know how you are doing? Is it a traditional grade or are there other ways of helping you know of your progress?

How is the relationship with the teacher different in this environment? Do you interact more with teachers in a customized environment?

When you are working through materials at your own pace, what do you do if you get behind? Do you worry about getting behind?

Sometimes we hear the term teacher paced, that teachers kind of set a pace so that students understand. How is that communicated?

In this environment do you get to have many discussions with other students? If everybody is working at their own pace, it seems like it would be hard to have good conversations or discussions with students. Do you find that you do have opportunities for that?

How do you think customized learning is helping you in getting ready for the future?

From a self-discipline standpoint, do you see that this has made any difference for you as far as how you view your own work and how you move forward with it?

Are there times that you can really go into depth into things? Can you think of an example of something that you really got to dig in way deeper than with the traditional setting?

Do you think your parents understand that your learning is a little bit different than the way they went to school?

If you were superintendent of the school, what would you differently in the school right now? If you moved to another school, what would you tell teachers?

With the technology side of it, what tools do you find most useful to help you move forward?

Where do you find where people struggle the most?