Online Unit 4 Activity 1 - Flexible Curriculum

When we start looking at customized learning, part of the goal is to allow every student to obtain the learning outcomes in a way that fits their learning style. That is not to say that we open up the Internet and allow them to just go anywhere. Students still need guidance. But, the possibility of choice is powerful.  If we could allow several paths to learn and let students choose the path they want, we will find they take far more ownership in the learning. Multiple paths, however, could be a great deal of work for teachers. Luckily, there are a number of great resources online.

In the Guru Series, there is an entire class on Flexible Curriculum. This class provides a great start at finding good online resources. Some of the places represented in that course are:

For this activity, please go to these sites and see if you find any resources that align with your curriculum. If you find nothing here, seek other resources.