Online Unit 2 Activity 1

Having read a bit about active learning in an online environment, it is time to really explore what is involved with that.  We discussed in the last unit that some online courses take a more traditional approach, while others - like these - are self-paced.  Self-paced courses present their own, unique challenges to active learning.  There is no live discussion or collaboration between class members. Therefore, active learning must take place by having you do things that should directly correlate with how you will use the knowledge in your life.  We try not to have you do activities just for the sake of activities.

We all know there are some courses that are better designed than others. You will find that the more courses you develop, the better you get at it.  It is also helpful to look at other people's course design.

For this activity, I invite you to browse through the courses offered on this website.  You will find each course at the top of the page under Virtuoso, Artiste, and Guru.  You also should check out some of the courses designed by MIT. They were one of the first to put their courses out there for anyone to look at and take.  Search for courses of interest to you.  You will find that some that are even well designed, may not fit your style, but there is still much to be learned by looking through them.