Online Unit 1 Activity 2

Explore the platforms available from the articles in your unit readings. You are going to need to find a place to put your online class for this module.  You can use any tool to put your class on. If you are already using a Learning Management System, you might want to consider hosting it there. Google Classroom, Google Sites, Edmodo, Schoology, BlackBoard, or any other of other options are available and most are free. You can even host your class on a website (like we are.) There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Some allow for easy turn in of assignments for students. Others, you have to be creative and use things like email and Google Forms. I don't mind using multiple tools for a class, but it can be overwhelming for some. It is important to find a platform that you are comfortable with and will accommodate your needs, so have a plan for the things you might use in your class.