Online Unit 1 Activity 1



We offer two types of online workshops at TIE. Some are more traditional: they all start on the same day, have assignments due on a certain day, and end at the same time. We also have self-paced classes: they start shortly after signing up, you work through the units on your own and on your own time frame, and you finish when you are done. There are pros and cons to each of these.  The self-paced classes meet just in time learning and are great for teachers with busy schedules. However, they don't allow for the group conversation and collaboration that a traditional class does.

You have to look at what is best for your students. You also have to consider what is going to be best taught online.  You also can look at a blended class, where some information and activities happen online while others are face-to-face. There is another module in this series dedicated to the Blended Learning environment.