Unit 1 Online Learning - Learning Environments

Unit Standards

  • Standard A: The online teacher knows the primary concepts and structures of effective online instruction and is able to create learning experiences to enable student success.
  • Standard B: The online teacher understands and is able to use a range of technologies, both existing and emerging, that effectively support student learning and engagement in the online environment.
  • Standard D: The online teacher promotes student success through clear expectations, prompt responses, and regular feedback.
  • Standard K: The online teacher arranges media and content to help students and teachers transfer knowledge most effectively in the online environment.

Unit Outcomes

  • Understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous online learning.
  • Evaluate different online learning platforms.
  • Start thinking about the elements that go into effective online instruction.

Read & View


  • Activity 1 - Options for your Online Class
  • Activity 2 - Explore Platforms for your Online Class


  1. Interview at least three people who you know that have taken online classes. Ask them the following questions: 1) What was the best part of your online learning experience? 2) What was the worst part? 3) What would have made the experience better for you? Add any other questions you wish, to get a good idea about their experience. Write a 3 - 4 paragraph reflection about what you heard and what you want to keep in mind when you create a class. Mail your synopsis to the class instructor with the subject Online Unit 1 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.
  2.  Set up a place for your online class. Email your class instructor a link or invitation to it and an explanation of why you chose what you did. Label it Online Unit 1 Assignment 2 and be sure to include your name.

Please use the following rubric for the above assignments: