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Some subject matter is best taught face-to-face, while other things can be taught in an online environment. Some students do really well with online learning, while others struggle. There is much that goes into the designing of an online course. [Register Here if you have not done so already.]

During the course of this module, you are going to create your own online learning class. It may be something you use strictly for online learning or part of a blended learning experience. Even though most people see this as something you would use in secondary education, I contend this could be used as a center in elementary school. Students can be using this in class and during centers. As you go through the units, you will develop parts that will all become part of the final, whole project.

Course syllabus

iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching (v2)


Unit 1 - The Learning Environment

Unit 2 - Active Learning and Real-World Application

Unit 3 - Assessment

Unit 4 - Differentiation

Unit 5 - Last Things to Consider (Ethics, Parent/Community Interaction, etc.)



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