TIE's Customized U

TIE's Customized U implements a two-pronged approach: district planning/decision-making (CU Structural Rebuild) as well as professional development for teachers (CU Professional Learning). Customized U offers two main components for both audiences: 1) facilitation and planning for your district/building leadership team and 2)  a professional development series for your teaching staff that can include facilitated sessions with self-paced online courses.

CL Structural Rebuild utilizes evidence-based materials and processes for your district/building planning team to tackle the tough issues of weight-bearing-walls like grading practices, schedules, and grade level assignments which can hinder progress toward personalized learning. A learning specialist from TIE will work with your leadership team throughout the school year with onsite work days as well as online meetings. TIE also provides data tools to provide a snapshot of the instructional/learning practices in your district that can assist your leadership team for better analysis, strategizing, and decision-making.

CL Curriculum Redesign examines the changes necessary for curriculum to support a customized learning environment. There are two major aspects to focus:

  • Classroom Specific Redesign
  • Standards/Learning Outcomes Redesign

CL Professional Learning weaves several smaller professional learning classes into a larger personalized learning experience. The series focuses on developing refined teaching/learning practices, utilizing technology tools for problem solving, and engaging in reflection activities to help participants continually evolve their philosophy and pedagogy. The professional learning components of Customized U include a blended-learning combination of self-paced online courses, face-to-face sessions, and facilitated collaboration to give teachers a more complete customized learning experience.

Online: The online component of CL Professional Learning is nine online classes organized into three series:

CL Professional LearningVirtuoso combines 3 one-credit self-paced classes on flipping, engaging students, and project-based learning. 

CL Professional LearningArtiste weaves the topics of online learning, student motivation, and blended learning.

CL Professional LearningGuru is the third set of 3 self-paced classes focusing on self-directed learning, digital literacy, and flexible curriculum.

Face-to-Face: While the self-paced online classes are a great way for teachers to gain skills,  some areas of customized learning are better served through discussion/dialog, hands-on guided practice, and reflection. The face-to-face component focuses on important topics for teachers to truly incorporate and manage customized learning, including:  

  • higher order thinking and complex reasoning
  • grouping/regrouping students
  • assessment
  • technology immersion
  • mindsets

Within each series,  three-credits worth of the content is delivered as independent self-paced, mastery-based online classes included as a TIE Membership benefit.  The other two credits include the face-to-face and facilitated blended learning experiences contracted separately with TIE.  Finally, your teachers will create an instructional product or unit that incorporates all the components from their series.

My District is Ready...

Your school/districts may contract all components from TIE or , if you already have processes/professional development in place, you may contract the pieces separately:

  1. CL Professional Learning: Self-paced Courses the nine online self-paced classes are accessible to your staff by joining TIE Membership (click here to learn more).
  2. CL Professional Learning: Blended Learning a TIE learning specialist will conduct face-to-face workshops and facilitated sessions that work in conjunction with the self-paced classes to create a personalized learning experience for your teachers.
  3. CL Structural Rebuild a TIE Learning specialist will facilitate a district/building leadership team with face-to-face and online meetings to help develop district plans to move forward with customized learning.
  4. CL Curriculum Redesign — TIE will work with teachers or district teams to modify classroom curriculum and redesign standards or learner outcomes for customized learning environments.

If you have questions about specifics within the Customized U, contact Sherry Crofut or Lennie Symes. If you want to know more about contracting with TIE, contact Dr. Julie Mathiesen, Director of TIE.

These online professional learning workshops are paid for by districts who join TIE Membership. We intentionally do not put it behind a firewall so anyone can peruse the materials. If you are using this for professional purposes, please contact TIEto join Membership.

Listen to what these South Dakota schools about their journey down the path of customization: