Unit 3 Student Motivation "What?"

What do I want to do now? What changes need to happen in my classroom and in my school? What are our goals for our students and for ourselves?

Unit Outcomes

Participants will

  • score and analyze their personal Student Motivation Profile

  • reflect on results and learnings from the surveys and activities they have participated in so far in the course

  • set goals for changes within their own classrooms and identify tensions that may result from the change process

Self / Classroom / School Reflection

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Things you’ll need to tabulate your Student Motivation Profile
(from the survey you took at the beginning of the class)

  • You’ll need your survey answers (you should have received these by email just after you submitted the survey).

  • You will need to print the following pdf two page worksheet. It will lead you through the process of tabulating and interpreting your Student Motivation Profile.

  • You’ll need a calculator (or use the one embedded above)


For help in interpreting your profile, zoom through this brief Prezi by clicking on the forward button at the bottom:

Goal Setting

Activity / Assignment 2:

Goals & Tensions

Based on your reflective work, word some goals you want to set for yourself, your classroom or your school. After each goal, identify some of the potential roadblocks or "tensions" that exist in your situation that will have to be addressed as you move toward achieving that goal. Try to develop at least 3 goals; they can be personal, for your classroom or for your school.

Click HERE to submit your Goals and Tensions work