12 Understandings for Teaching From Within

Final Activity / Assignment:

The links below will take you to pages on the Teaching From Within website that correspond to each of the 12 Understandings for Teaching From Within. These 12 Understandings were formulated throughout the research behind the making of the film. Each of these 12 Understandings pages contains links to resources supporting each understanding. For your final project, take some time to explore the 12 Understandings and some of their resources. Select 3 of the Understandings that stand out in importance to you. Do some additional research to find another resource NOT included already on these pages (an article, a bit of research, a video, and info-graphic, etc.) for each of the 3 understandings that you select. Share links to the resources you find for each of the 3 Understandings you explore and write a reflection for each in which you connect the resource you found with the Understanding itself and articulate the implications of these ideas for YOUR work and YOUR students in YOUR classroom.

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1. Teaching From Within is Learning From Within
2. A Culture of Compliance Doesn’t Promote Learning
3. The Brain is Designed for Perpetual Growth
4. The Brain Grows In the Manner it is Exercised
5. We Learn Best As We Connect With Stories
6. Rewards Render Us Passive
7. Learning Requires Trust
8. Extrinsic Motivation Produces Short Term Results
9. Coercion is Violence
10. Misguided Measuring Can Distract Us From What’s Important
11. Learning is Natural
12. Learning is Often About Un-Learning

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