Let’s talk about your journey into Customized Learning?

How do you handle direct instruction? How do you structure the student collaborative activities?

Do you find some students adapt to CL better than other students?

Are there unique challenges with working in science in a customized environment?

Do you find setting up a customized environment to be a lot of work for you as a teacher? How has your role as a teacher changed?

How to you get kids to transform to becoming more self-responsible for their learning? What’s been your experience when you have a little bit more flexible due date? Have you had any true success stories with students?

You’ve got kind of a mixed grade level with 7th and 8th grade. How do you do that? How do you handle the content then?

How has Customized Learning worked with the transient population that comes in and out?

How do you determine what a student needs?

What’s your personal journey been like through all of this? What appeals to you the most about customized learning?

How do you measure mastery as opposed to percentages? Have you made any transitions? Do you find that you are more skills based? Do you find the students are ready for more of a performance and skills-based kind of learning?

Is there anything that we should have talked about here that we didn’t cover