Organizing the Web: LiveBinders Unit 4

Readings and Activities

  1. LiveBinders Blog
  2. We are Teachers Blog
  3. Differentiation LiveBinders
  5. 21st Century Tips

Activity 1 - iPad App
Activity 2 - Teacher Uses


  1. After reading through the articles and blogs above, reflect on your learning in this Google Form. To check to make sure your work submitted, you can view this spreadsheet.
  2. Final - Write a reflection paper that describes 1) how you can use LiveBinders professionally, 2)how you can use LiveBinders for your classroom (or your work), 3) a brief description on how these types of web tools can make an impact in education (three to five paragraphs total). Email it to the class instructor. In the subject line, label it LiveBinders Final and be sure to include your name in the email.