Organizing the Web: LiveBinders Unit 2 Activity 1

Create a Binder for School

On your Dashboard, you can start a new binder:

You will have to fill out the following dialog box:

Name your binder. The description helps you know the intent of the binder. Tags make it more searchable. Since this one is for school, Change the category to Education. I make a lot of my binders public because I share my resources, but you may choose to keep it private. (You will be sharing it with me at the end of this unit.)

After you click on Create New Binder, you will have a new, empty binder:

Let's start with the easy way to add things to your binder. On a new browser tab, search the Internet for something you wish to add. Once you are on the page, you can use your LiveBinder It button to add it. (You should have added this button in Unit 1.)


This will take you to the following dialog box:

You can rename the Tab title, add comments, chose the binder you wish this resource to go into, and decide if you want it as a tab or subtab in that binder. Add a couple of websites this way. (If you don't get the dialog box, go back and check if you followed the directions for the button correctly. Some people seem to make that a link to LiveBinders instead of the button.)

Add a Binder Cover

Following the directions in the video, add a cover to your binder.