Organizing the Web: LiveBinders Unit 1 Activity 2

Featured Binders

One of the great things about LiveBinders is the ability to use binders that other people have created to find resources. Start by clicking on Featured Binders on the third tab at the side.


You can now look through the binders they have featured. You can change the focus of the binders using the Binder Categories menu on the right.


You could also use the Search for a Binder button in the upper right hand corner to look for something specific.


This way, you can find binders on pretty much any subject you want. I have used this many times when I am researching new things and have found this so valuable.

Add to Shelf or Make a Copy

Once you have found a binder that would be helpful for you, you have two choices to save it to your page. You can add the binder to your shelf. This means you cannot make any changes to the binder, but you will get all the updates that the owner of the binder makes. You could also Make a Copy. This makes the binder yours to do with as you please. You can move, add, or delete things in the binder. You just won't get any of the updates of the owner.


Add to Shelf


You can start a blank binder from your Dashboard or you can add binders to a shelf you already have set up. To do so, you have two options. If the binder is open, you can click the + sign at the bar on the top to add a binder to a shelf:


It will give you a dialog box that looks like this:


You choose the shelf you want to put your binder on and it will show up there from that point forward.

You can also add it to your shelf from the screen where you find the binder. If you click on options, you will get the following menu:

When you click on Add to Shelf, it will open a dialog box on the right where you can choose the shelf:

Either method works well. It depends on where you are when you decide to add it to your shelf.

Make a Copy
Not every binder will allow you to Make a Copy. That is dependent on the settings the binder creator set up. If it does, you also have two ways to do this. Once you make a copy, this binder is yours. You can add and delete, but you will not get any of the updates from the original creator.

You can make a copy the same way you do to Add to Shelf - Just select Copy or Make a Copy.

Inside Binder:



Featured Page: