Organizing the Web: LiveBinders

Welcome to Organizing the Web:Live Binders.[Register Here if you have not done so already.]  The current facilitator is Julie Erickson, For any additional questions, please contact Graduate Credit Coordinator, Kim Coronado at .  

The days of organizing our web resources by using the Favorites or Bookmark tools on our browsers are over. We are constantly switching between devices and need to access our resources. There are many tools available, but one you might consider is LiveBinders. Not only will this tool bookmark your sites, but you can also upload documents from your computer to this tool. This is a great tool to create ePortfolios as well. And best of all - it's FREE!!!

Participants will need internet access via a computer with two internet browsers (or the ability to download a second browser). Some iPad instructions are included in this course.

Please keep in mind that the screen shots were taken when the course was set up. Sites like this change frequently. If you should come into the site and it looks different, just look around. These features rarely leave, they just may be somewhere else.

Unit 1 - Intro to LiveBinder

Unit 2 - Setting Up and Using Your Own Binders

Unit 3 - Using LiveBinders as an ePortfolio

Unit 4 - iPad app and more