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TIE provides access to TIE Reads, TIE's Professional eLibrary for administrators, educators and technology staff in TIE member districts. 

Sign up for access to eBooks and audiobooks. Login information will be emailed to you.

Get started using TIE's Professional Development Library today! TIE's Professional Development Library is powered by OverDrive. Your school or public library may also have an OverDrive collection--if you already know how to download from your school or public library, use your TIE Professional Development Library login to access the titles that TIE has available via http://tie.lib.overdrive.com.

What is TIE reading?

TIE staff are constantly reading to expand their professional knowledge. Check out Recommended Reads by TIE staff to see what staff are reading.

What is my login?

Your login is your work email address. Sign up for access. 

What app do I use to listen to audiobooks and read eBooks?

The Sora app is designed to make reading and listening simple. The set-up code is blackhillssd. To get started with Sora, visit https://soraapp.com in your web browser or download the free Sora app from the Apple App or Google Play stores on a mobile device today.

Need some help getting started borrowing, reading, listening and downloading titles?

OverDrive tutorials help guide you through a successful reading experience.

How many titles can I check out? 

You may check out two titles at a time; you may return those titles when you are done or the title will expire and return to the collection when your check-0ut has expired.

What if a title I want to read is checked out?

You may place that title on hold and receive an email when the title is available. Holds help us determine if we need to purchase another copy.

The book I want isn't available on my mobile device?

PDF eBooks are not supported by the OverDrive app. You can read the PDF eBook via Adobe Digital Editions software on a Windows or Mac computer. TIE does not purchase PDF content as a rule, but occasionally titles that are necessary for a class are only available in PDF format.

Why would I use the Kindle reader instead of the OverDrive app on my mobile device?

The Kindle reader allows you to highlight and take notes as you read your eBook. Those highlights and notes are available after the book loan has expired. You can access them via your Kindle account highlights.

How do I get answers to  other TIE Professional Development Library/OverDrive questions?

Please email TIE Membership and they will assist you.