Leader Virtuoso Unit 2:
Flipped Classroom

This unit is about flipping your classroom. While flipping is ideal in a one-to-one environment, don’t be afraid to explore the possibility even without that situation. There are many ways to flip your content!

The Flipped Classroom has become the rage in recent years. Now that more schools are embracing the use of technology, this is a great first step towards customized learning. It can be done in any grade level, for any subject and even for administration.

Book Referenced

The full Flipped Classroom course uses the book Flip Your Classroom by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams.The book does not need to be purchased for this unit; there will not be required reading directly from the book. Both Flip Your Classroom and Flipped Learning for Elementary Instruction are available on TIE Reads! TIE’s professional e-library available to all TIE members.


Participants will:

  • have a stronger understanding of flipped classroom
  • be able to identify the elements of the flipped classroom
  • create a video and meeting plan to use with staff
  • explore planning a more meaningful meetings with extra meeting time
  • develop communications for staff and parents when implementing Flipped Learning

Read & View

Read the following article and view the short videos to develop your understanding of the flipped classroom.

What IS the Flipped Class? By Jon Bergmann



  • Activity 1 - Learn about flipping a staff meeting
  • Activity 2 - Consider parent communications when flipping the classroom


  1. Using the process template from Activity 1, create a flipped staff meeting, including a video and agenda.  Upload the video to Google Drive or YouTube and send the link to the video along with an attached agenda in an email to the class instructor. Label it LeaderVirtuoso Unit 2 Assignment 1 and be sure to include your name. 
  2. After reading and viewing the resources on parent communication in Activity 2, summarize your learning in 2-3 paragraphs and email it to the class instructor. Label it LeaderVirtuoso Unit 2 Assignment 2 and be sure to include your name.