What kind of things instructionally are you focusing on right now that you are struggling with while making it more customized?

If a student gets to a point of struggling, how do you deal with that?

Sometimes you hear people say, the teachers don’t teach anymore because you are not in front doing the direct instruct. How is what you are doing teaching?

What skills do teachers need to have to be a good facilitator?

How is it different from when you did more traditional instruction to now?

I assume design of curriculum has to be hugely time-consuming as a teacher.

How do you determine, first of all, what they need to master? Is it just a standard or is it bigger than a standard? How do you assess that they’ve mastered it?

do you see a blurring of the grade levels or are they still pretty much with the same age kids, do you see any inter-age kids working together?

Has your approach to teaching changed?

How do you get that student interested as part of what you do?

Now that you are doing customized learning and teaching, would you ever go back to just strictly direct instruction?