What is it you are currently working on in your curriculum?

When you look at the curriculum and the things that you are doing right now, what is the struggle, what is hard?

How do you determine teacher paced versus student paced? How do you decide where a student should be?

There’s a misperception of customized that CL is just for the advanced kids. Do you see customized being useful for kids other than the top kids?

How do you determine mastery? How do you decide what to measure, and how do you determine that?

How do you manage student collaboration? Do students get to choose when they want to work with others or is it sometimes teacher directed?

Do you find that as a teacher trying to manage kids in all different places gets overwhelming and how do you manage that?

Sometimes you hear the misperception of the teachers don’t teach anymore. How would you explain to someone that what you are doing is teaching as well?

Do you find it’s difficult to bring student interests into their work or do you have avenues of how you engage a student’s interests and help them get there?

In English do you try to get a balance of technical writing versus fictional writing? How do you approach the whole idea of literature-based versus technical writing?

Are there barriers that you run into that you can’t control and that you wish you could get out of the way so you could really take customizing to the next level?

How do you handle your assessments? What’s involved in assessing students in the customized level?

How do you use technology for managing teacher things and how do you use it with students?

Why customize?