Tell us a little bit about what have been the ups and downs this year?

You have 4 teachers and about how many students? Has it been interesting going from the traditional to this style?

How has that been then from a collaboration standpoint with your other colleagues, How is that different here?

How do you determine what a kid needs and where they’re at as far as their learning in a particular content area?

How do you plan a day in this kind of environment?

You have 2nd through 5th grade and they’re all working on mysteries at that point? How does that work with a mix of those ages?

Some people see what you're doing and might say we’re going back to the 1-room classroom again. Is that what we’re talking about here?

It appears that you have more of a flexible kind of grouping going on. Can you tell me more about how that looks?

So in some ways the students can find their own partners?

How do you handle now needing to be responsible for a wider range of content?

What makes all the work worth it?

What about the kid that’s not very motivated?

Do you have as equal a problem for kids that are going way too fast?